The Law of Attraction explained

Welcome to the Law Of Attraction Explained Video Series!


Below are the 10 videos in this series. I highly recommend that you do not skip any of the videos and that you watch them in the correct order to ensure you get a good understanding of the concepts and principles that will be presented.

Video Number 1 - Why master the Law of Attraction?

Video Number 2 - Common misconceptions about the Law of Attraction.

Video Number 4 - Focus on what you want instead of what you don't want.

Video Number 5 - How to find what you want as a result of what you don't want.

Video Number 6 - Living on purpose versus living by default.

Video Number 7 - How to become a creator in everything.

Video Number 8 - Learning to be responsible versus being a victim.

Video Number 9 - How to let the Universe take the wheel.

Video Number 10 - Visualising your ultimate dream.

What Next?

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The Law of Attraction explained